We all have been “marked for intercession”. The word “marked” in the Hebrew is the word tau, which written in the Hebrew appears like a cross. The mark put on the forehead of each person was the sign of the cross; and the sign of the cross was put upon those who had the ability to sigh and cry over the sin of abomination (something regarded with disgust or hatred) going on in the city. This is another form of intercession; those who have the burden and the ability to stand in the gap for the city, who realize that degenerate sin will cause the city to be destroyed. 

As Christian, we must create an appetite for prayer within our homes and in our churches. For we all know that prayer can become a dry form of ministry unless it is watered and tended in the hearts of the God’s people. This will ensure effectiveness and potency throughout the year. For it is not enough to be excited about prayer one week and then abandon our post the next following week. Every important area and activity of our life and ministry must be covered by focused prayer. In this mentorship program, we will continue to develop healthy prayer strategies that covers your life; your call, your vision; soul issues, ministry; leadership; congregational needs, community needs, and the nations & the world.