You Are God’s Stationed Guard


God is in the business of working through His people to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. God often shapes people with personality characteristics, experiences, and training that prep them for His purpose, and usually the people have no idea what God has in store for them. God prepared and positioned Nehemiah to accomplish one of the Bible's "impossible" tasks.


You may not have Nehemiah's unique ability or feel that you are in a position where you can do anything great for God, but there are two ways you can become useful to God. First - Be a person who talks to God. You welcome Him into your thoughts and share yourself with Him; your concerns, feelings, and dreams. Second - Be a person who walks with God. Put what you learn from His Word into action. God may have an "impossible" mission that He wants to do through you.


You Will Learn:

  • The First Step in any Venture is to Pray.
  • The Character of an Intercessor, Persistence and Prayer.
  • How to Remain Calm Under Opposition.
  • How People Under God's Direction Can Accomplish Impossible Tasks.
  • How to Inspect the Wall with Prayer and Protect the Wall with a Sword.
  • There are Two Parts to Real Service for God - Talking to Him and Walking with Him.


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The Nehemiah Anointing Webinar