The Crushing of a Prophetic Vessel Program is the byproduct of my early years of being trained in the school of the Holy Spirit as a prophet before God placed me into public ministry. When I went on a journey with God, He made sure I placed my focus on Him as the Giver of the Gift and not the gift only. If you are called into the prophetic ministry, be assured that people will discern that call in due season. You do not have to make an announcement, try to show off your prophetic gifts or otherwise strive to let people know. God will make it apparent in His time. For we all are not prophets but we all have a prophetic nature and can prophesy to bring edification; exhortation and comfort to God’s people.


This four-week program is designed to shift the way you think about the prophetic ministry by teaching you on how to go on a journey with God; your awakening stages; submitting to your process; how important it is to be in an environment that teaches; trains and activate the saints in the prophetic; and being comfortable with wearing your own armor & with the sound of your own voice.


Webinar Topics Covered:


  • The Purpose of Prophecy 
  • What is Prophetic Ministry
  • Six Signs You Are In Prophetic Training
  • The Difference Between a Prophet & a Prophesier
  • Prophetic Teams, Prophetic Protocols and Accountability (Bonus Teaching)
  • The Issachar Anointing - Knowing the Timing of God 
  • Dreamer of Dreams 
  • Tracking Your Personal Prophecy 
  • Sharpening Your Prophetic Intercession 
  • Praying Your Prophecy Through
  • Weekly Homework Is Assigned
  • Audio Only Recording


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The Crushing Of A Prophetic Vessel