The Crushing of an Intercessor is a four-week program is designed to stretch individuals in their personal prayer life while teaching them the fundamentals of executing the ministry of intercession in a corporate environment.


Once a week for 1 1/2 hours via a telephone conference call, I am committed to teach; train and activate a group of people in the area of prayer and intercession; turn their weaknesses (soul issues) into a coaching opportunity to strengthen them in the spirit; and help each individual to discover (awaken) the intercessor that is within them.


The word crush means to subdue, overcome; press, break; overpower; defeat.


Listed Below are the Topic Discussions - Two Teachings in One Lecture 

  • An Introduction to Prayer
  • The Power of Prayer and Fasting
  • Praying with Authority 
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Prophetic Intercession 
  • Corporate Prayer
  • The Soul of the Intercessor 
  • Warfare Prayer
  • Weekly Homework Assignment 
  • Audio Only


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The Crushing of An Intercessor