You are not in this Fight By Yourself - God is With You!!!


What is Battle Fatigue? A posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurring among soldiers engaged in active combat; characterized by excessive autonomic arousal (which deals with the nervous system), psyche numbing (which deals with the mind) and persistent reliving of traumatic experiences.

Many of God's intercessors are experiencing battle fatigue (which is also known as combat fatigue) in this season. In the midst of standing in the gap for a person; people; place or global events; many of God's intercessors feel as if God has not filled in their gaps. Many intercessors feel spiritually bankrupt, as if God has forgotten about them; they have nothing left to give; nothing left to offer; no more strength to lend in the place of prayer; and a sense of being misplaced in the Body of Christ. Not anymore! It's time for the intercessors to fight back and get in their rightful place.


Intercessors around the globe are the most neglected and prayer gatherings are most unattended, but both are the most needed in the Body of Christ. 


Battle Fatigue Webinar