Praying for your leaders and the local church is not optional but a necessity (it is a must; it is a requirement; it is a prerequisite; it is necessary; it is needed) in order to see the fulfillment of your leader’s assignment and vision of the house to come to pass.


When the pastor; the vision of the house and the people are constantly being assaulted; attacked; beat up; and bombarded by the devil our adversary (our enemy; our opponent; our contender; our rival; the one who opposes us; our antagonist; our challenger); it is a clear indicator (sign) that the intercessors (those who intercede on behalf of another); the watchman (the one who is employed by God to keep watch and to guard) His leaders; His people; His vision; His City; His investments; His house are no longer on post.


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Praying For Your Leaders & Their Vision