Welcome to the No More Fear Webinar Teaching via Zoom Live Video Webinar! I Am Super Excited About Doing Life With You In This Season! Let Us Conquer Our Fears Together! We Are Stronger Together Than We Are Apart!


What is Fear?

To be afraid of; to expect with alarm; to be apprehensive; bother; worry; fret; fuss; stew; stress; sweat or to be troubled by.


Apostle John Eckhardt – Demon Hit List: Fear of making wrong decisions, rejection, being hurt, judgment, authority, failure, man, darkness, being alone, death, witchcraft, heights, demons, deliverance, losing salvation, disapproval, accusation, being wrong, spiritual gifts, responsibility, marriage, having children, pain, sickness, confrontation, cancer, driving, insanity, heart attack, the future, crowds. Horror, panic, fright, sudden fear, terror, dread, apprehension; causes torment (I John 4:18).

Confront Defined: To face especially in a challenge; to oppose; to cause to meet; to bring face-to-face; to meet face-to-face; to encounter; face up (to), front; affront; challenge; encounter, meet; accost, approach, corner; repel, resist, stand, withstand; battle, combat, contend (with), fight, oppose, square (off).


To not confront fear, you are saying you will dodge it; elude it; avoid it; escape it; evade it or duck it.


Fear can paralyze a person; restrict their movement; limit their belief in God; rob a person of their faith in God. Fear makes a person powerless and ineffective in the Kingdom of God. Fear prevents a person from fulfilling their purpose in God and destroys their destiny. Fear cripples you; disables you and immobilizes you. Fear is like a snake’s venom to its prey – it can be deadly.

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