Kisha L. Cephus is an ordained prophet of God who is called and committed to developing intercessors around the world. Prophetess Kisha is the author of the book “Pray That Through – A Manual on Intercession” – This book is the byproduct of many years of being trained in secret as an intercessor and successfully building and maintaining a thriving corporate prayer environment in the local church.


Prophetess Kisha is also the founder and facilitator of “The Crushing Programs” – This is a structured program aimed at equipping each student to embody the lifestyle of focused prayer and intercession. She believes God is moving worship and prayer back into the forefront of His Church once again, because prayer is the lifeline of the church. Prayer cannot be a random activity or a loosely organized effort like a pickup game of kickball. God is moving prayer to the forefront of His Church and in the life of His people because it belongs there. It requires all the attention and thought that most important activities in our life and ministry requires. As leaders, we must demonstrate the value of corporate prayer. Prayer leads the way into victory and prayer brings home the spoils.

She believes as Christian, we must create an appetite for prayer within our homes and in our churches. For we all know that prayer can become a dry form of ministry unless it is watered and tended in the hearts of the God’s people. This will ensure effectiveness and potency throughout the year. For it is not enough to be excited about prayer one week and then abandon our post the next following week. Every important area and activity of our life and ministry must be covered by focused prayer. In this mentorship program, we will continue to develop healthy prayer strategies that covers your life; your call, your vision; soul issues, ministry; leadership; congregational needs, community needs, and the nations & the world.

Prophetess Kisha is responsible for teaching, training, activating and equipping the saints in the power of prayer and fasting through her weekly live webinars. She also travels frequently to equip congregations in building healthy prayer lives individually and corporately.

Prophetess Kisha lives in Chicago, IL with her husband of 22 Years, two daughters and two grandchildren.