The Crushing Mentorship Program 2019– Fall Sessions is a structured program aimed at equipping each student to embody the lifestyle of focused prayer and intercession. God is moving worship and prayer back into the forefront of His Church once again. Prayer cannot be a random activity or a loosely organized effort like a pickup game of kickball. God is moving prayer to the forefront of His Church and in the life of His people because it belongs there. It requires all the attention and thought that most important activities in our life and ministry requires. As leaders, we must demonstrate the value of corporate prayer. Prayer leads the way into victory and prayer brings home the spoils.


This six-week program is designed to stretch individuals in their personal prayer life while teaching them the fundamentals of executing the ministry of intercession in a corporate environment.


Once a week for 90 minutes via Zoom Meeting, I am committed to teach; train and activate a group of people in the area of prayer and intercession; turn their weaknesses (soul issues) into a coaching opportunity to strengthen them in the spirit; and help each individual to discover (awaken) the intercessor that is within them.


The word crush means to subdue, overcome; press, break; overpower; defeat.


My leadership teaching style always addresses soul issues that prevent us from becoming an effective intercessor in the earth. Therefore, I am more focused on the condition of your soul than I am on perfecting your gift (s). Prayer and Fasting is a lifestyle and it is never for show, but it is the very essence of who we are as a representative of God. I always tell people; I was born a prophet, but I was made into an intercessor in the secret place. Therefore, allow me to take you on a journey through "The Crushing Mentorship Program" to make you an effective intercessor for God.


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If you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond according to the receipt of the message.


P.S. I can add your name to my mentorship list, please remit a payment of $250 to secure your space and the final amount will be due on Friday - September 6, 2019.  All payments to can be remitted through the PayPal link listed below:



Kingdom Blessings,

Prophetess Kisha L Cephus